Anne McDonald 11.1.1961 – 22.10.2010

 Our darling Annie – memorable author, courageous fighter for the rights of people with disability, and true friend - died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday evening, October 22nd 2010.  

Anne had been really well, going out or entertaining every day last week.  Thursday was a gorgeous spring day, and she spent a pleasant afternoon with Joyce, her dear friend and personal assistant for 25 years, in the garden at a local pub. 

During Thursday evening Anne developed abdominal cramps and had little sleep.  Chris stayed home on Friday, and made an appointment for her to see a doctor at 3 o’clock.  At 2 o’clock she had a massive heart attack.  She was resuscitated with great difficulty by ambulance officers and taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where scans showed necrosis of the small bowel that was extensive and un-treatable.  Anne died at 8.30 without recovering consciousness, with Joyce and Vicki (another long-term p.a. and friend), her sister Ros and Chris and me by her side.

The underlying cause of the necrosis was unclear, as is apparently not uncommon.  Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that Anne’s death was not associated with her disability.

 As some of Chris’s family were overseas, we held a memorial service in Melbourne on Saturday, November 13.  

We are so glad that Anne was able to meet up with many of her dearest overseas friends during her travels in July and August. 

Our thoughts are with you, as yours, we know, are with us.

 The Bustle in a House
The Morning after Death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon Earth—

The Sweeping up the Heart
And putting Love away
We shall not want to use again
Until Eternity.


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