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If you're interested in my other work, check these out....

If you want to know about my years in hell, try St. Nicholas

If you want to know what it did to me, read My Frankenstein

If you want to know what I think of euthanasia, read Keeping Babies Alive

If you want to know more about my story, read the book I wrote with Rosemary Crossley - Annie's Coming Out. It's out of print, but we’re having a go at putting it out as an eBook for Kindle, the iPad, and other text readers: check it out.

The movie “Annie’s Coming Out” takes some minor liberties with the facts, but it does give the general picture vividly.

If you want to know how I got out, look up Facilitated Communication Training

If you want to know why communication is so important, read The Right to Communicate

and Whose Voice Is It, Anyway?

And if you want to know about the people who are trying to stop communication happening, read Proving I Exist.

And there's my work on the Triple C, the Terrible Triple C, another one of the ways in which professionals bastardize people with disability.

If you want to know what life is like with a communication disability, have a look at Crip Time.

If you want to know how I enjoy myself, watch this.

And I travel...

Here are a few links to friends.

I also work for DEAL and Communication Rights Australia (CAUS) and speak on issues and speak on issues of disability. For my most recent articles on people without speech being bastardized see No Angel (and see the Powerpoint below - and read the notes) and Buried Alive.

Most recently, I was given a National Disability Award, and took the opportunity to set the record straight ....

If you want to contribute something yourself, give some money to DEAL; they're working to see that nobody is left without a voice.
Seriously. Think about it.

Warning: there is quite a bit of overlap between these articles. When you take as long as I do to spell a sentence you use it as often as you can, and the hell with repetition.



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