We understand that everyone has a different story and has come from different walks of life.

We have tools to assist everyone who walks through our doors irrespective of their history & communication impairments.


We welcome everyone from people who have experienced communication impairments since infancy but have never been given effective augmentative communication strategies, to people who have acquired disabilities in adulthood due to medical conditions.

Our goal is to assess their communication needs to find the communication strategies that will best assist them to re-establish their confidence.

Augmentative communication is a relatively new field. The technology and techniques used have changed very significantly since we opened in 1986, and government funding for communication aids has only been readily available for all Victorians for the past decade.

Consequently, many adults who need communication aids and have the potential to use them, have never had the opportunity.

We recommend that the communication of any adult who is not communicating fluently, and who has not had an individual assessment or review by a specialist in augmentative communication in the past 5 years, is due for review.


Need help? Book an appointment

The Anne McDonald Centre is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Centre is making client appointments at the 538 Dandenong Road office on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every second Friday. We see some clients in Brunswick on Wednesdays and alternate Fridays.

If you want an appointment, call us Tuesday or Thursday between 9am and 5pm on 03 9509 6324 or email us at at any time.