Older people

We can help older people too

The same techniques that can work with people who have had communication impairments all their lives can sometimes help older people who develop expressive communication problems.


They're effective, uncomplicated and affordable. Always worth exploring. If an electronic communication aid is considered necessary, they are able to be obtained through the Victorian Aids and Equipment Program.

As we age, we become more liable to a number of conditions that can affect our communication.

We assess each client's individual needs and tailor a solution that works for them. In the spirit of Anne McDonald, we believe that everyone should have the ability for a great quality of life and so we remove the barriers they have to communication with however many tools or strategies they need.

Our therapists have written a book called Getting the Words Out covering communication techniques which may be helpful for older people. It was specifically designed for nursing home residents, but the interactive strategies described in it are applicable to anyone with similar problems, regardless of where they live.


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The Anne McDonald Centre is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Centre is making client appointments at the 538 Dandenong Road office on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every second Friday. We see some clients in Brunswick on Wednesdays and alternate Fridays.

If you want an appointment, call us Tuesday or Thursday between 9am and 5pm on 03 9509 6324 or email us at admin@annemcdonaldcentre.org.au at any time.